About the Company

Geeks On Demand is a provider of computer repair and computer support techs services via our Geeks On Demand tier 1 tech for each area that our Geeks On Demand Tier 1 techs operate in. Each Geeks On Demand tech for each area on this website has been vetted, has turned in a verified resume, valid non expired state ID and/or drivers license, and has shown Geeks On Demand management that they are the very best of the best when it comes to computer repair and tech services in their respective area. Essentially, you the customer are getting the very best tech we have in your area. Geeks On Demand techs have signed agreements with our parent company, Geeks On Demand, to treat all Geeks On Demand customers with the utmost courtesy, and respect. Most importantly, they have signed an agreement to use their knowledge and skills to repair and fix computer and IT related problems that customers who call them directly might be having and do so in a skilled and professional way.
If ever a problem or situation might arise with an onsite repair, customers can call Geeks On Demand management via our 800 number and email that you see posted on this website. When dealing with Geeks On Demand techs you are dealing directly with the tech and not the company. This means you and tech come to an agreement as to the date and time and the price of techs services. This also means Geeks On Demand will not be held liable or responsible for any cause of action, disagreements or disputes that might arise from using Geeks On Demand techs. We the company are giving you access to our best techs, but all agreements will be between you and the tech, not with our Geeks On Demand company. Again, we Geeks On Demand the company can always be reached at the 800 number and email posted here should any arbitration need to take place between you the Customer and the tech our website has provided you. Geeks On Demand is a registered and trademarked name that only we Geeks On Demand and the owner of Geeks On Demand can use in commerce. If you find any other entity using the Geeks On Demand Name in commerce, please let us know by contacting us via our 800 number or email posted on this website.

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